Employee Report

Every day people use their personal information in one form or another. When people pay bills at a store, online or over the phone they are using personal information. When people use their personal information they are knowingly giving it away. However, sometimes people do not know that they are giving their information away; this personal privacy. As an employee a person’s privacy is limited to what is defined by the employer. Employers want to be sure that their employees are performing as they should. To ensure that employees are working employers monitor the workplace. Workplace monitoring leads to privacy-invasive monitoring like video monitoring, telephone monitoring, e-mail and Internet filtering, and different types of tests (such as drug and psychological testing).
E-mail and Internet Use and Privacy
The business world is overflowing with new technologies that enable employees to be more efficient at their jobs. This new technology also makes it possible for employers to monitor an employee’s footsteps. An employer can monitor the phone calls made from company phones, voice and electronic mail on company property, and the use of the Internet through company computers. It is safe to presume that an employer can monitor, which includes listening, watching, and reading all information exchange in the workplace. In some cases company policy may outline employee privacy, yet not implement or respect it. Employer monitoring in the workplace is unregulated. Employees should learn the employer policies regarding e-mail and Internet use, because if it is outlined in writing (or assured verbally) then employers are bound by it.
The email use policy at River Place is that e-mail for work related purposes and employees should refrain from using company e-mail for personal reasons. The reasons for this policy are that employees should be working at all times while on company premises, unless otherwise instructed. In addition it states that e-mail use for personal...