Elder House

Project Description:
The goal of this project is to develop low cost marketing options for the client in an effort to raise awareness of the client’s services.   Interviews will be developed and conducted with competitors, relating to current marketing plans and growth opportunities; the team will focus on Waveny Care Network in New Canaan and The Jewish Home for the Elderly in Fairfield.   In addition, the student team will develop and conduct interviews with ElderHouse staff and clients in order to collect detailed information on the client’s total marketing needs.   The team will also study industry trends on this issue to build a solid knowledge base in the subject and to supplement the data obtained from the interviews.   All of the information received will then be analyzed and used to determine a marketing message to be used in the development of the team’s final recommendations.   The final recommendations will include the low cost options suggested for the client’s use in raising awareness of the organization.
∙       Conduct preliminary research industry trends related to marketing practices.   Present the 3 most predominate marketing techniques from research findings.
∙       Provide data collected and conclusions stemming from interviews with competitors regarding their current marketing campaigns.
∙       Provide data collected and conclusions stemming from interviews with ElderHouse staff and clients regarding ideas to improve current marketing plan.
∙       Develop marketing mission based on all data collected.   Present to client a minimum of 3 low-cost recommendations to raise awareness.

As its primary research technique, the student team elected to use a qualitative research approach to collect data concerning free and low cost marketing options for ElderHouse Adult Day Center.   This method allowed the team to identify marketing and advertizing strategies employed by ElderHouse’s competitors; it also provided...