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So what’s the difference between your neighbourhood and your community?          
It is hard to give a full definition of a neighbourhood as more often than not there are no set boundaries and many complexities that make up neighbourhoods. The following quote describes a neighbourhood:
"A neighbourhood is a delineated area within physical boundaries where people identify their home and where they live out and organise their private lives. There is a strong social component to neighbourhoods. People connect with their neighbours in many, often unspoken ways - security, cleanliness, the environment, social behaviour, networks and conditions, nuisance, access to basic services such as schools, doctors, transport and shops". Anne Power (1999) Neighbourhood Management, LSE CASE paper 31.
Often neighbourhoods have many social networks that allow people who live there to interact with each other. Young people often have “territories” as their neighbourhoods.
A community could be defined as a group of people that interact with each other and in live in the same proximity to each other (such as the street you live in). The word community is usually...