Ego Boosters vs. Ego Busters

Reflection Paper
La’Sheena Grant
Learning Strategies
Professor Kelly Renner
September 24, 2015
Learning Strategies Reflection Paper
Through this course we leanred many things to help us be succuessful throughout the educational career.   The course took us through many good strategies to get into the habit to make our educational experience the best it could be, to prevent stress, failing, and dropping out.   Not only did the Learning Strategies class teach us about the fundamental earning stregies, it also went through expectations and stages of a group and the development that happens during the group efforts.
Part 1 Team Assignment
During the time our class reviewed Tuckman’s Model of Group Develiopment; we leanred the several stages a group endours and may experience.   The first stage being form, this is where we first reached out to one another and came up with the leader of our group, ground rules, and how we would commicate daily.   During this time, it felt as if we determined what roles we had in our group and who would be primarily sitting back, and who would be the main foundation of the group.The second stage to this model is called the storm.   Throughout this stage, I felt my group was really confused and no oe oculd make a decision on anything.   It was as if we were not focused.   That is when our lead pretty much took the over and made decisions, and I backed him up.   The leader also started demanding meetings to be set up in advance and completed work for the overall group and would distrubtue it to all group members.   The folloqing stage is called norm.   This is when our group would commicate throughout the week via email sharing ideas, and work so we were all on the same page, prior to submitting work.   This statge went on for a few weeks as we finalized and developed our presentation project. The week prior to the presentation we all submitted our scripts and made backup list just incase we had to fill in for another incase there was some...