Education Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy
      Passing on the tools to make a difference in every one of my student’s lives has made me passionate about teaching children of all ages so they develop a wide range of skills that better enable them to enjoy life.   Perhaps above all, teaching students requires a balance of fun while in detail sharing of knowledge and skill.
      I realize that the curriculum program in every school and community is likely to be slightly different so I can and will adapt to the local needs.   I guess that is best put that I am not set in my ways as a teacher but instead I am always looking for the most effective way to teach my students within their environment.
      I have and will continue to display commitment and dedication to the school, students and parents by obeying the rules, mission statement, bylaws, policies, and philosophies of any school organization.   I have and will maintain an atmosphere where the students are helped to feel relaxed to learn and do not fear the consequences of making mistakes.   Everyone makes mistakes and I have and will continue to emphasize that all you can do is learn from them and aim to get a little better every time you practice or try something new.   I follow the general approach that every class should include an enjoyable and fun atmosphere but also a structured curriculum where the kids develop good habits in learning.   Being organized and prepared are important characteristics of students which take time and patience to demonstrate and cultivate.   Students have to be able to learn skills under pressure, but if students are put under too much pressure from an early age they do not develop good technique and never realize their full potential as a student.   It is that potential I can and will help them unlock.