Educational Philosophy

Kristie Wheeler
EDEL 3050-001

Philosophy of Education

      I believe that every child should have the opportunity to receive an education regardless or race, religion, disability or citizenship.   I believe there are three types of learners—strugglers, proficient and gifted.   Students should not be bullied or abused by teachers or peers.   A child’s classroom should be a safe environment.

First, I know that children learn at different levels.   I believe we should enable the students that struggle.   I think we should find their strengths and help them to overcome their weaknesses.   Second, the proficient student must be inspired to go to the next level.   Educators should continually help their students to reach higher.   Lastly, students that are gifted need to be challenged in the classroom.   Lessons must be extended for their growth.   Also, they should be required to help their peers and by doing so help themselves as well.

Teachers should have a strong moral character.   They must be honest, patient, kind and hardworking.   I feel that an educator can make a difference in the life of a child by his/her actions.   I believe that if we want students in our classrooms to have these values, we must be an example by doing—not just by talking.

Parents and teachers must communicate regularly with each other to find the best ways to help the students.   A teacher must be respectful of the parent-child relationship.   We, as teachers are an extension of home.   We must give children as much information, confidence and ability as we can during the school day so that when they go home, they feel empowered to complete the tasks that are necessary to be successful students.

In closing, I’d say that my philosophy is to educate every child, encourage growth no matter their individual level, promote good character and expect good communication from home.   These attributes will make for a classroom of students with a bright future.