Education Fair

Facon Education fair 2010

    KLCC was full of students, who wants to find right university or college, which will be perfect   place to find friends, have interesting experience, have best education.
  13-14 of march, 2010. Facon Education Fair passed like a storm in KL Convention Centre. This tower have never seen so many students, every students tried to find university, which he was interested .
  Facon Education Fair-Kuala Lumpur is one of the largest education fairs in Kuala Lumpur. This is being organized by Facon Exhibitions Sdn Bhd. The fair provided all information about universities in Malaysia, al information about any majors, special programs, and intuitions of higher education for further education.
  Visitors to the event were not only students but also parents, teachers, and young working adults.

  There were several courtiers who also participate in Facon Education Fair like China, USA, Japan, Germany and Singapore.
  If calculate in general, how many visitors were. at least it will be 60000 visitors for two days.
  Fair includes Universities, Colleges, Management Institutes, Hospitality Schools, International Schools etc.
  Quite a good selection of various programs such as 2+2 or 3+1 like American Degree Program. Not only American Degree Program, students also can transfer to other countries which universities suggest. England, Australia, New Zealand.

  From Business Administration till Piano player, student can choose any major, Mass Communication, ACCA, Natural Sciences, Baking industry and it’s   not the end of list   of majors, Students also might select.
  Education in nowadays, a key to success in future. A good student will be in demand everywhere regardless of profession.
  Student has many opportunities to develop himself. Facon Education Fair did a good job for these 2 days. Facon Exhibitions Sdn Bhd plan to do fairs in others parts of Malaysia. Don’t miss your fair.