Oxfam and Tom Shoes

This report introduces the studies, finding and recommendation of the 4 brands, which is New 2 U Thrift Store, Déjà vu, Oxfam and Tom Shoes. The aim of the assignment is let us develop understanding of the basic theories of Market Research Techniques to gather, analyze, develop implications and make recommendation. In addition, Salvation Army is planning to reposition itself as a possible option for shopping vintage, second hand unique pieces in Singapore. By following their brand mission and values to ensure that our assignment may help them improve the level of donations, ability to find unique second hand pieces and finding collaboration partners to create consumer facing in line with charity mission and goals. In conclusion, hope this assignment may help Salvation Army reposition itself and invite more people to charity activity.

Target consumer profile Demographics
Age: 21 – 60 years old Sex: Female & Male Generation: Gen X, Y and Baby Boomers Races: All races Social class: Middle-upper class, Middle class and Lower-upper class The target market of vintage, thrift and charity market is generally the people who headed to vintage and thrift product categories and browsed by using online store or outlets. The target age group will be from 21 to 6o years old who tend to shop by online store or outlets. Their spending power at middle to lower level; again, there have some consumer in upper- middle level. They more focus on quality work which represented by those vintage and thrift stuffs. For Baby boomers, they will sell their own vintage stuffs which accompany them from teenagers to senior citizens. Either they will share it or they will go and search some special vintage furniture or stuffs. By then, the target market of vintage, thrift and charity market reflex it in a huge age group and races.

Personality: Passionate, fun, quirky, exuberant, free and easy. Attributes: Prefer 50’s to 90’s design products or lower...