Eco Cost Effective Analysis

Technology innovations in the health care industry are essential to building a brand that will stand out locally and nationally. This presentation will convey the latest technology for Good Health Medical Systems that will bring competitive advantages to the facilities via state-of-the art speech enabled interactive telephone systems. Because patient service is the center of everything, it is imperative to have the latest technology to bring everything together as they relate to authorizations, precertification, referrals and clinical information.
Prior to the invention of touch tone devices, the rotary phone was used to conduct day to day operations by pulse dialing.
Those in the baby boomer era enjoyed the use of simple operating systems and didn’t see any urgent need for changes. The original design was very cumbersome, which resulted in the advancement of PBX operating systems.
Currently, the organizations functions on the standard pbx phone system with the benefits to include:
  * A cost-effective solution that combines data and voice on one network
  * Single number reach, which automatically forwards incoming calls to mobile or home phones based on your specifications
  * An intuitive interface for easy installation and adds, moves, and changes
  * The ability to easily expand the phone system as business needs change
  * A phone and communications solution in a single appliance that's low-cost, reliable, full-featured, and simple to deploy, administer, and maintain.

Good Health Medical Systems is in the final stages of expanding different patient services and is proposing an interactive voice response application to assist in this endeavor.  

AVA is an integral part of Good Health Medical Systems service strategy and innovation capabilities. The new system routes incoming calls from members, providers and others to the appropriate area, and provides personalized call-routing that gives providers a choice of self-service options for...