Health & Safety Cost Benefit Analysis of a S

Candidate to produce a written report to management outlining any proposals for new work places, equipment, processes and activities in order to identify and evaluate the hazards of the health and safety of the employees and others who may be affected.   The report should include the cost benefit to the organisation.


This report has been produced as a result of a workplace inspection that has been carried out. Only negative findings have been included.
It will highlight any health & safety deficiencies discovered and the proposals for rectification of the deficiencies. The proposals will identify new work places, equipment, processes and activities that will reduce the hazards to employees and others who may be affected.
The report will also include a cost benefit analysis and a recommended time scale for the actions based upon risk ranking.


1. High risk operations.
Removal of RB211 jet engine from compressor house.
Supplies of all gases and electricity have been isolated. There are two missing signs from the inlet manifold and main fuse panel that should confirm this. At present the lock, tag and try system only conforms to the lock and try elements.

The exclusion zone is inadequate in that it is incomplete in two places.

2. Signs, Posters, Hoardings, Fencing, Security.
Apart from the signs mentioned above, there are concerns over security, The airlock gates are decommissioned and as such the only control over site entry is the security guard who tends to sit in the security cabin, reliant on others to inform him that they are entering site.

3. Scaffolding, edge protection, ladders
The Scafftag was inspected. It expires on 26/08/2012.
There are some end caps missing from transoms.

4. Vehicle routes, Pedestrian access and egress
All routes and pedestrian access/egress inspected.
Materials poorly stored blocking footpath in zone 6.

5. Plant, Tools
All plant in good condition. Daily and weekly inspection...