Eco and Asia

Economics as a discipline has always fascinated me, understanding the forces that affect the world around us is an ever present and inherent part of thoughts that occupy my mind. Exploring and understanding the endless capacity of real world phenomena and how our choices have impacts and how those impacts have economic consequences and affect our day to day lives is what drives me to pursue a Master’s in Economics.
Born at the beginning of relentlessly troubled times for the beleaguered capital city of Somalia charged me with a discomforting sense of uprootedness from early on. Experiencing this uneasiness has nurtured my quest to understand not only how several factors can contribute to implosion of an economy, but how an economy can remain stagnant and essentially caught in a trap decades on. In retrospect, it is this unresolved interest that seems to keep bringing me up against the questions of what make some countries, regions and cities with economies grow faster or become wealthier than others? What makes one group of people healthier and more educated than others? What makes some countries politically and economically stable and some countries stuck in wars, conflicts and political deadlock? The challenges presented to me have only deepened my resolve to be part of the elite group of scholars contributing their own quota to eventual solutions.  

I am certain that   studying at Queen Mary’s will allow me to explore Economics at a deeper and more meaningful level, providing me with rigorous training and equip me with the essential tools to gain a disciplined approach to analyze   social, political and economic issues based on a logical and consistent framework.  
My academic curiosity and proclivity for intellectually engaging the complexities of the global economy, guided my decision to study Economics and Finance at undergraduate level where I was awarded a first class honors degree. The areas covered on the course provided me with a comprehensive...