Running head: Business Recommendations

Will Bury Business Recommendations
University of Phoenix
ECO 561 – Economics
Daniel Sanchez

Business Recommendations
In today’s business technology is a big part of business like computers, transportation, medicine and books.   Lots of books are available for pleasures through many types of media. They use live voices to make a book that gives a one of a kind experience to a listener. This system is time-consuming and is costly. Will Bury has seen a need in the production of audio books and found a way to fill that void. He has found and patented a technology that allows the changing of the printed word into audio..
Mr. bury has worked a job and has built the digitizer out of his home at night. he built the digital library with out of date copyright books and with copyrighted books. To make a good decision, he wants help on how to make more money for his company by making improve cost determine how to adjust variable and fixed costs to maximize profit, and identify methods to
To get the revenue for each item, Mr. bury must multiply the prices per unit by the number sold. The money for the lapsed copyright files was $10,000 and the total money for the copyright files was $30,000
To get someone at $10 an hour inside the United State, and to get someone from oversees at the cost of $2 an hour. The best thing is to stay on the marginal cost of each one. To get most money, Mr. Bury must use the MR = MC rule, the MC for a worker from oversees is $320. And the MC of an employee from the US is $1,600
The worker from oversees is lower price. the better cost of hiring a employee from the   within the US is that he or she can be supervise, by will The company is new and should remain with the owner to   make sure   the company vision is seen. The benefit of exceeds its costs and the company can afford because the owner will full-time work.
The new company will have costs that will make output and will be...