The meeting was attended by several members of the Core group and Co leads. Mike Mandella and his support team were also in attendance. The meeting took place on Camp Murray Mr. Massey opened the meeting with a few remarks and introductions of the members in attendance. There was a brief discussion on some of the items of the last Core meeting. The next first order of business was a brief up date from the Sub-committees.

The training sub-committee submitted a draft of the scope of work document to the attendees for review. The lead for the sub-committee discussed key parts of the document. One of the key areas of concern is part IV which covers assisting in coordinating training opportunities. There was a discussion on the procedures and willingness for the training sub-committee to assist the other sub-committee groups with their training requirements. The training sub-committee consists of seven members and meets every second Tuesday of each month. Ute Weber made the point for a need for a training calendar moving forward as we progress through the process in developing our exercise.

The logistics sub-committee has developed a draft scope of work for their logistics drill. There was dialogue from the Co Lead in regards to the exercise developing into a Full Scale exercise vs a Functional exercise. The length of the exercise was also discussed. No decision was made during this forum. There was a discussion in regards to the players. Some of the agencies that were mentioned were Thurston, King and Snohomish counties, EMD Department of health and the Corp of engineers.

All parties agree that there has to be a close connection between the logistics co-leads and FE co-leads in regards to the syncing of exercise play for there may be some overlap with the MSEL development. The next meeting is on the 2nd of November to finalize the scope. They have not finalized their meeting frequency. However they are starting the initial stages of requesting funding for the...