The Impacts of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami on Global Business Communication

The Impacts of the
Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
on Global Business Communication

There is a country located at the most eastern of Asia that famous as the “land of the rising sun”, it is called Japan. Geographically, Japan located in Pacific Ocean between the Sea of Japan, and Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago country that consists of 6,852 islands. Japan is a modern country that famous for its high-technology. The capital city of Japan, Tokyo is including one of ten busiest towns in the world. Tokyo has a lot of high-rise buildings and fly-over road. The mass transportation is excellent, such as train, subway, bus, and taxi. The thing that reflects modernism is the use of robots to ease human daily activities for Japanese; new innovations of robots always develop there. Japan also has one of the biggest and famous amusement parks in the world, Disneyland. Beside all of those sophisticated things, Japan also has a beautiful nature, such as Fuji Mountain, Okinawa Coral Beach, and Shinjuku National Park. Sakura flower is the beautiful flower that only could found in Japan; therefore it is also famous as Sakura Country. The Japanese is known as diligent, discipline and hard worker; and that is what makes their country forward. They are really appreciate time, so they tend to walk fast, talk fast, and move fast. Japanese are really concerning in healthy life and they consume fish a lot. In the fashion field, Japan has its own style called “harajuku”. Japanese are used to dress extraordinary when they are out; this is what makes Tokyo become one of the fashion cities in the world along with Milan, New York, and Paris.
Despite all the superiority things in Japan, actually it is a risky country that often attacked by natural disaster. Earthquake in a small scale become daily routine in Japan, and big scale earthquake occasionally happens. On March 11, 2011, an earthquake again strikes Japan. The magnitude-8.9 offshore quake strikes at 2:46 p.m. local time....