Children with dyslexia
English 111
Essay 2
Twania D. Clark
September 22, 2011
Instructor: Craig A. Bubec

My nephew Jeremy is in the 8th grade and had an IEP done about a month ago. My sister was told that his reading level was at a 1st grade reading level. It has taken the school system more than 7 yrs to identify him with even have a problem at all. Dyslexia is a problem that veers from poor reading skills. It causes difficulty in learning to read due to one or more issues in processing the way a child sees information, ineffectiveness to comprehending instructions, or the way they hear words or sounds deficiencies. Children with dyslexia have a hard time with reversal of numbers, letters, or words. Their inability to read and understand can cause serious obstacles as they become adults. Children with dyslexia problems can usually be diagnosed with having a brain dysfunction. There is no quick fix to solving dyslexia problems, it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on the amount of support from tutoring a child is given.
Ineffectiveness to reading instructions is due to lack of poor reading skills, and they have a tendency to take on a short tension span. This ineffectiveness can also develop academic and behavioral problems to diminish within the child and can also affect the child’s social performance. They usually fail to have the ability to sound out words; many children just stumble and predict when they have poor study habits, and then become extremely disappointed to continue on. Early warning signs should be caught by the time a child reaches 3rd grade level in order not to fall further behind their peers. Children with this disorder usually have problems following directions.
Visual perceptual difficulties are when a child's eyes may be sufficient, but they can't make sense of what they see, therefore, causing them to have difficulty understanding sentences they may be reading. Their brains get an error in processing the data which...