Du Kan Ikke Bruge Det

Generation Y are looking for organisations that offer more than money! I am by myself a part of Generation Y. We are 70 million people who want to appoint that money isn’t important and we want to develop our self even though we are away from school. We want to try new and exciting challenges. We want flexibility and a real work-life balance. We are right now living in the year of 2008 and young people, like me, aren’t prepared to mortgage or sell their lives to their company.
{draw:rect} {draw:frame} It is not enough to offer some “carrots” just to keep the young and clever people into their company. Very many places of work are getting better at this point! But many company´s doesn’t understand how to make their company attractive rather than their competitors.
It is now a day’s easy to find people near the company because of “Facebook”, “Myspace” which both are sites where a lot of people from generation Y have a profile. Many people mean that Generation Y is trying to live a second life in the computer-based fantasy world. That is also what But Mark Shaol means and he pronounce:
When we have to argue against that we need to appoint at we are living in the year of 2008. The world is getting more and more interested for computers and a lot of Gen Y´s communication takes place on the internet. Therefore we want to appoint that it is very important to interference technology in a normal working day. Some experts have noticed that if a company want to keep the young people in their firm and not the competitors they have to let us, Gen Y, build up a portfolio career in the company´s organisation. It is good, not only for us, but also to the company we work for. That will mean that the company can keep us for a longer time.
If we would get the opportunity to build up a career, we would be interested in making some good results. If we are motivated in the right way our willing to learn would be extremely high.
To sum up some of our_ appointments:_