Discuss the purpose of resources in relation to effective practice
From the discussion it was agreed that there are many methods in order for us to achieve what it is we want and feel what would be best practise however very easy to forget about the students as well as the environment.   So in order for us to get this right we need to remind ourselves what it is to learn therefore empathising with the students.   By doing so we need to know what is fit for purpose as well as considering best practice.   Where as in today‚Äôs classrooms PowerPoint Presentations seems to be the way ahead, many people would argue against their use.   Therefore we need to understand why and have an alternate way in order that we can cater for each individual and the many learning styles.   It was agreed that the best use of time when planning and delivering any session is key.   If you can promote the desire to learn then you would also get the students to gain a deeper understanding of the topic as well as keeping them motivated, by doing this they gain an increased understanding of the subject at hand, so as teachers we are able to make best use of the period time given when in the classroom which can be directed towards reinforcing key facts, making the whole purpose of using resources effective which will encourage best teaching practice.  
At times by having a variety or simplifying ideas is more effective for the students to learn rather than creating a fancy multi-media presentation which could lead to confusion if not boredom.   It is well know that verbal communication is the one most used in teaching but the old saying a picture paints a thousand words is still true.   Research suggests, would suggest that the brain absorbs information by the eyes at 87% ears 9% and other factors 4% which we need to acknowledge when planning our teaching periods. (Petty. 2009. P375)