Dtlls Theories and Principles for Planning & Enabling Learning

DTLLS Theories and principles for Planning & Enabling Learning

For this assignment I will be considering my position at XXXXX where I have been responsible for planning and delivering of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) skills training and its related Further Education (FE).   Our learners are all in employment and receiving a salary from their respective employers.   They are aged between sixteen and twenty-three years old.   Academically they range from average GCSE grades up to A grade A level students.   They attend XXXXX daily for the first year of their apprenticeship.   I aim to evaluate the various learning theories and my rationale for using them while planning, organising and selecting suitable learning materials and activities in both group and one-to-one learning.

Behaviourist theorists believe in structured learning and conditioning.   Skinner (Scott Baumann Alison 1997 p49-54) developed his law of positive reinforcement believing that learners respond to pleasing stimulus from the teacher, insisting the teaching materials be structured and delivered to a script in a rigid fashion.   Learning takes place in simple steps called errorless learning.   I think that this may be useful when teaching and learning something that is procedural, but for most situations, stifles and discourages freethinking.   Overall XXXXX will appear to be operating in a behaviourist manner during its vocational sessions.   Conditioning’s needed to make our learners “workplace ready” instilling positive attitudes towards their own learning, the workplace, product quality and health and safety.   The setup and ethos at XXXXX encourages these attitudes, which are then mirrored whenever they have any contact with their employers.   In all but a few cases learners start at GTG already having these values, knowing and understanding what the expectations of their employers are and what must be achieved during year one.   The “overall behaviourist framework” we work within does...