Dtlls Unit 402

This essay will discuss the results of the research undertaken on the following points; the importance of negotiating with learners and the reasons why agreeing goals and actions is important to the learner’s progression.   Why inclusive learning and the use of various delivery methods, adapting lesson and session plans will aid the learner to learn at their individual requirement.   The importance of integrating functional skills into the subject area and how effective and non- effective communication impinges and enhances the learning environment.
I realise from my study, that there are discrepancies in my current job.   I work as trainer teaching various one to two day mandatory courses to mainly health care professionals.   I am not involved in any pre-course screening or assessments.   At the beginning of my course, I screen and assess the learners during the introductions, to find out where they are starting from and what experience they have in the subject. I then decide from the information given to me, and after negotiating with the learners if there is anything particularly they would like to do regarding that specific subject. I have a basic session plan to work from.   If I were to change my job, I feel that I am now more aware of what needs to do implemented, prior to learning, during and after.

Gray et al (2005) states learners should be able to agree some or all of their learning goals in negotiating with the teacher.   The ideal time for this to happen would be at the beginning of the learning process during the initial assessment.   At this time of screening the learner would be assessed to find out what their preferred learning style is, if they have any learning or health difficulties or requirements.   Their learning experiences, goals and aspirations could be discussed at this time.
There are many reasons why this should be completed, firstly it puts the learner at the centre of the learning process, it...