Dtlls Unit 3

Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Sector

Assignment Unit 3.   Developing and managing resources in the Lifelong learning sector

Submitted by Paul Finn

Task 1

Discuss the purpose of resources in relation to inclusive practice, and then review a range of different types of resources, paying particular attention to their effectiveness in meeting individual learner needs.

Discuss the purpose of resources in relation to effective practice

It is the aim of the teacher to promote learning and understanding in their students at all times to ensure they have a full understanding of the topic.   It is possible for a teacher to stand at the front of a classroom and teach without utilising any resources.   However, the students learning will be adversely effected both at the time and any future periods of study with the teacher.

Therefore, during the planning phase of any lesson, a teacher will always look to develop their lessons with the intent of gaining maximum learning from the students.   To assist the teachers in their aim there are a wide variety of learning and teaching resources readily available.   Whichever resources are used by the teacher, they must be selected appropriately to ensure the following:

        a. Increase understanding.
        b. Reinforce key facts.
        c. Create deeper learning.
        d. Motivate.
        e. Variety.
        f. Effective use of time.
        g. Simplify ideas.

Post teaching it is good practice for the teacher to evaluate how the lesson went looking at the delivery and use of resources.   It is this evaluation process that will allow for lesson and resource development to occur.   This evaluation process may also highlight deficiencies of the resources used.   Each student will learn in a different manner and at a different pace, therefore, expecting one type of resource to fit all is poor practice.   Some students may excel whilst in the classroom environment...