Design and configuration Cisco WirelessLAN and Access
Point light weight for School with 3000 users

The Client issues, is with users (staff, students, guests) not having Wifi
connection to connect Access Point (SSID), limited connection to other
AP or no wireless signal bar to access the internet with their devices. I
suggested procurement of Cisco Wireless LAN 5508 and Cisco Aironet
2700 Series Lightweight AP. In this stage, the project is conceptualized,
and the decision is made to start the project by Business Owner, Budget
Owner and Head of School.

Feasibility Study - Finding out if and how the project will
work out
I (Regional / IT Director acting as a Consultant) and development team
to carries out the project within the constraints of time and resources. I
schedule the best time to carries out the project is during summer time
when schools are on holidays, and taken into account the spending
budget and resources (people involves,). Therefore the product needs to
be delivered quickly. Atern DSDM is the way forward.

Business Study - Studying the business aspects of the
In this phase, the team researches the business aspects of the project.
Does it make good business sense as in Return of Investment, and
resolved current issues? Implementing and Design
 Cisco Aironet 2700 Series Lightweight AP device will make good
business sense as it has the following features: High-density
experience (HDX) very reliable performance in a dense BYOD
environments, Integrated 802.11ac radio supports 3x4 MIMO
compared to other 802.11ac solutions and offers true beam
forming for clients that support three spatial streams

Designed by Akpe Maccool certified Agile project Management, ITIL Ver 3, Prince 2 (foundation)


Cisco 5508 Series WLC
Support for up to 500 access points and 7,000 clients
Designed to support both 802.11n and 802.11ac networks...