Dsm Evaluation

Assignment #2: DSM-IV Evaluation
Case Study # 1: I would diagnose this case as Schizoid Personality Disorder. The symptoms for this type of disorder are matched and related to Josephine’s feelings and preferences of not wanting to be in social settings or around people. Josephine also shows somewhat of an emotional coldness to people that she may be around by distancing herself and wanting to retreat where she can be alone. Schizoid personality disorder can be linked to environmental and genetic factors. The disorder can also be attributed to some type of nervous system disorder or chromosomal disorder. The treatments that are available for this type of disorder are psychotherapy, or a type of cognitive behavior therapy that tries to focus in on improving thinking and behavior skills. The other type of therapy available is programs or group meetings that focus on helping one’s self and can also be done in a group atmosphere. The treatment of prescribing a psychological medicine can sometimes be used as well.
Case Study # 2: I would diagnose this case with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The causes of this type of disorder are not completely known accurately. There are some mental professionals that have their thoughts about how it develops. The professionals have some ideas such as over-the-top categories or styles of parenting or bringing up children. The other cause has been thought to be the child having been brought up in a parenting environment that was extremely given attention and concern. The other idea that has been brought up was the idea that the parent’s need for admiration and acceptance overflows unto the child and the child gets an overconfident sense of their self. There have also been some that believe that some might develop the disorder as a result of the exact opposite of what has just been explained. The treatment is not known exactly, but some therapy or attempts at trying to get the person to relate to others in more positive or loving...