Leonardo Da Vinici, Rennisance Man

Leonardo da Vinci

      Leonardo da Vinci is a renaissance man because he was a Scientist, an inventor, and an artist.   He is also very famous and well known, and easily one of the smartest men of his time period. Leo was the illegitimate son of his father, Ser Piero, and a peasant girl Caterina; he was brought into this world on the 15th of April 1452, just on the outskirts of Florence, Italy.   (Mos.org Leonardo Bio)   The definition of a Renaissance man or Ren-Man is a person of many trades.   Da Vinci falls into this category because he was a Scientist an Inventor and an Artist.
One of the best examples of Leo as a Scientist is the study of “How do birds fly?”
he solved many of these questions by sketching out the solutions in his notebook.   He also had a mysterious ability to observe nature, and write about it.
Leonardo was probably know best for his inventions.   He became very famous for his War machines.   He designed many weapons, like Missiles, Grenades, Multi-barreled machine guns, what seems to be a modern style tank, and mortars.   He is even claimed to have an underwater breathing device but he refused to reveal it because he said that men would use it only for evilness and war.
Da Vinci as an artist is definitely the most well known side of him.   He is responsible for such works like the Mona Lisa, and the Last supper. Some scientists think that the Mona Lisa is actually a portrait of Leo himself; they have concurred this through x-raying and comparing photographs of the paintings.   However, the last supper is completely different situation.   Because of da Vinci using an experimental painting tenifuge, the painting actually had started to decay within his lifetime, and it was repainted many times as well.
Those are the three reasons I believe that Da Vinci was a perfect example of a ren man. His perfectly engineered inventions, his spectacular art, and his contributions to the world of Science, Leonardo da Vinci is easily the best...