*What do dolphins look like?

Dolphins have a streamlined fusiform body which has been adapted by evolution to swim fast.

Most species have gray skin tones, although there are a few with black stripes, spots or even huge parts like the killer whale.

Dolphins have no hair, which is one common characteristic of most mammals.

Dolphins have a large fin at the top which helps them for balance and direction.

*How do dolphins communicate?

Dolphins communicate through sounds and whistles.

There are several kinds of whistles which are used by dolphins.

Some species of dolphins can send the identity information through a signature whistles.

Whistles also coordinate the group hunting which make feeding much easier for dolphins than doing it alone.

Burst pulsed sounds are also made by dolphins with the purpose of communication, although there is not enough knowledge about dolphin communication.

*How do dolphins catch their food?

Dolphins catch their food mainly using two clever techniques which require a highly coordinated team job.


The first one is called herding and it is performed by a group of dolphins who surround a school of fish to pack them as tightly as possible.

When this is done, dolphins take turns to go through the school and feed one at the time while the others keep the school fo fish as packed as possible.

This guarantees that each pass through the school of fish, will be very efficient and the largest amount possible of fish will be taken.


The other technique for feeding used by dolphins is called corralling.

This is used when the school of fish is chased by a group of dolphins to shallow waters where they are trapped between the shore and the group of dolphins who push them there.

After this, the fishes are easily catched when dolphins take turns to eat.

*How do dolphins sleep?

Dolphins sleep very different than most land mammals in a way that dolphins are not totally...