Dogs vs Cats

I fond of watching films! Almost every day I watch new film. “New” does not mean that the film was made recently. It means the film is new for me. I have chosen two studios, which movies I like very much – The Mosfilm studio with the audience of the whole Soviet Union from one side, and the Hollywood with audience of the whole world from the other side. I will briefly describe these two film companies. "Mosfilm" is one of the largest film companies in the world. It was established in 1920. The emblem of the studio is the sculpture "Worker and farm-lady". During Soviet times "Mosfilm" filmed more than 2,500 movies. In addition to film production the studio makes translating dubbing of the western movies. The "Hollywood" is the largest film studio in the world located in Los Angeles, California. Besides the field for film production Hollywood has a big living part being some kind of urban area, where famous movie stars has houses and apartments. I'm going to compare these two well-known studios to ascertain the audience of both ones.
Both cinema studios are well known in the world and have long history since beginning of the twentieth century. Both studios grew famous actors and gave a birth to distinctive characters such comedy actors as Nikulin and Charley Chaplin, heroic actors as Shvarcneger and Tihonov. Often, Hollywood and Mosfilm produce movies with quite similar genre, such as drama or comedy. What is important, many movies of these two studios have very similar plots. Both studios produce films of high quality and costs.
Hollywood quickly reacts to demand of audience putting bestsellers, news or ideas attracting attention of the masses into production operatively. The examples are such well known movies as Avatar, Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code etc. Hollywood uses new sophisticated technologies for creation of special effects what make the movie more exiting and active. Mostly, Hollywood makes accent on the films reflecting actions like battles, fighting,...