Cats vs Dogs

People are either a cat or a dog person. Dogs and cats are very different animals and they have different attitudes, desires, and lifestyles. Dogs won’t question authority and will obey someone after some training. There are many species of dogs, coming in all different sizes. A dog shouldn’t be left alone in the house for a long time or the house could be destroyed. Cats, on the other hand, like being alone. Cats won’t question authority because they won’t even listen to it. There are many types of cats, but the size will normally be the same for all kinds. Cats are pretty independent, and they don’t need much attention rather than feeding and regular cleaning of the litter box. Dogs love to play with you, while cats will take a long nap. Dogs will listen to what you’re saying, while cats will just sleep. Another difference between them is the diverse ways they hunt. Cats are very physically rare. Their eyes are fit to pick up even the smallest movement. They also have very good night vision. However, they cannot see the specific details of an object very clearly. A cat’s hearing and sense of smell are also fit for a hunter. Cats have amazing flexibility, and can run and jump very well. But, dogs are physically different than cats when it comes to hunting. Dogs can find prey the best. One of their most amazing skills is tracking ability. This is seen in many working dogs who this for search and rescue. This shows how well they can be trained along with their desire to please. On the other hand, cats only want to please themselves. Cats and dogs are amazing pets. They are calming yet crazy, and they are a great way to teach responsibility. Deciding what one to choose depends on the specific person.