Language Assignment

Assessment Criteria for Language Related Tasks Assignment
  a) Analysing language correctly for teaching purposes.
  b) Correctly using terminology relating to form, meaning and phonology when analyzing language.
  c) Referencing materials referred to / used.
  d) Using language that is clear, easy to follow, accurate and appropriate to the task.
  e) Respects the word length and states the number of words.

Assignment rubric

Grammar reference books and learners’ dictionaries should be used to help with meaning, form and phonemic symbols.   Ensure you focus on the bold, underlined target language as the key focus.   Other language is only helpful to set context and should only be included when asked to analyse sentence stress.

Language Item | Meaning & methods for checking the meaning of the item. | Form | Pronunciation Features |
Grammar   a. She used to play the guitar | Meaning     1. This happened in the past.   2. She no longer plays the guitar now.   3. She used to play the guitar regularly in the past.How will you concept check it?   1. Are we talking about the past or the present?   2. Does she play the guitar now?   3. Did she play the guitar often in the past? | Form: subject + used to + verb (indicate what grammatical components you need to make this structure – be very careful with terminology)Learner   difficulties: (just add 2 points)   Why is it “play” instead of “played” since it happened in the past?   Why do we say play soccer, play tennis but play the guitar? |                         Stress:         used to play           Phonemic transcription (s) (transcribed as it is said in natural speech)used to play /ˈjuːstə pleɪ / |
References consulted | Website: Scrivener, Teaching English Grammar, Macmillan Books for Teachers (Pg 260-261) |
    b. He’d left by the time we arrived | Meaning   1. This happened in the past.   2. When we arrived, he had left.   3. We did not see him...