What Is Role of Air Charging System in Flotation Cell

Flotation device, such as flotation cell, is according to the size of the pulp and the water affinity to choose, can easily be water wetting mineral, easy to rise.While affinity with water and small, is not easy to be water wetting mineral, easy to rise. After the pulp and medicament intensive mixing under the slot to the first chamber into the flotation machine, rotating impeller, the formation of negative pressure in the cavity, the wheels make the pulp in the tank and tank under respectively by the impeller under the suction on the suction and into the mixed zone, and also makes the air along the guide sleeve into the mixed zone, pulp, air and medicament mixed here.

Flotation cell is also known as flotation machine and flotation tank, which is one kind of ore processing equipment mainly used to separate copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, silver, leadand other non-ferrous metals. So, it is also called gold flotation machine and copper ore flotation machine. Flotation cell is also suitable for separating ferrous metal, noble metal,chemical raw materials, non-metal minerals like coal, fluorite and talc. Besides, flotation machine also can be used to separate useful minerals.

However, do you know the role of air charging system in flotation cell? Air charging system in flotation machine: It is mainly composed by the inlet air pipe. When the impeller rotates, there will produce negative pressure inside the impeller chamber in order to absorb air through the hollow pump line and disperse the pulp in order to form a bubble group. This kind of pulp with large quantity of bubbles will be thrown to the stator fast by the rotary force of the impeller and further mineralize the bubbles in the pulp, and the rotary movement that is meant to eliminate the pulp flow in the flotation cell will cause large quantity of microvesicle and provide necessary condition for the flotation process.

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