Do You Know How to Maintain and Exchange Rotary Kiln?

Rotary kiln shell section, tire and wheel and other cylindrical parts must be firmly fixed to the sleepers shelves, then in the following roll bar support, and then drag with the winch, not allowed directly on the ground or on a tractor roll bar forward;When lifting equipment, lifting position must sign lifting equipment factory, no obvious signs, you should find a good center of gravity in advance to determine the parts of the force. Reducer caps, screws and lifting hooks or rings on the gear shaft bearing caps and other components, supporting the lifting axle end hole only allows for lifting itself, is not allowed as lifting the entire assembly, about those requiring special attention;

Focus on minor repairs and the repair. Maintenance work can be carried out by replacing the time to stop the cement kiln lining, repair transmissions are allowed only at the end of bricklaying work, but it should be (eg 8-12 hours) completed quickly in the short term. For major repairs will require a longer time, when the need to replace the loss of all parts of the kiln, check and adjust the entire device.

Hoisting rope is not in direct contact with the machined surface or edges of the device, you must pad to wood, rubber and other materials, to prevent damage to the machined surface and cut hoisting ropes;Weight lifting equipment close to the allowable lifting capacity of lifting machinery, the former must try lifting crane, hanging objects and mechanical carefully check whether the abnormal changes before lifting the safe and correct confirmation.When using two or more wire rope lifting, each rope force should be uniform, and the angle between the line and the establishment of the hammer shall not be greater than 30 °;

During the kiln operation, with the extension of time will wear parts, thereby reducing the reliability of equipment operation, and even affect the production of cement rotary kiln, this must be restored by repair opportunity. According to overhaul...