Do You Know the Working Principle of Single Cylinder Cooler?

With the advent of spring, the infrastructure construction in our country has also experienced fast growing. Therefore, the need of construction materials increases with each passing day, which makes crushing machines pillar equipment in this industry. As a most commonly used equipment, roll crusher has high developmental potentials in mining industry.

Single cylinder cooler is one important equipment in a rotary kiln system. The equipment's role is to get the clinker from the rotary kiln to exchange heat fully with the air, with the rotation of the cooler drum, which can cool the material meanwhile improve the quality and grindability of the clinker. Single cylinder cooler has the features of simple structure, high operation rate, easy operation and maintenance and so on.

What is the working principle of single cylinder cooler? Dried material is sent to the hopper and then goes into the cooler through a feeding pipe. The tilt of the feeding pipe should be bigger than the materials’ natural slop so that materials can flow smoothly to the cooler. The cooler cylinder is slightly inclined, compared with the horizontal line. Materials are added from the higher end of the cylinder, while the heating medium enters from the lower end, contacting the material adversely.

However, the material and the heating medium may enter the cylinder from the same end. Materials, under the effect of gravity, move to the lower end with the rotation of the cylinder, so wet materials are heated and dried by the heating medium, directly or indirectly, when they move forward in the cylinder. After that, they are discharged from the discharge opening. There are some shoveling plates on the cylinder wall of the cooler. The function of these plates is to enlarge the contacting area of the material and the air by shoveling and scattering the material, which further improves the cooling rate and promotes the motion of the material.

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