Do You Know Rotary Kiln Which Has Been Sold to Western Countries?

The other is slow-down kiln, often appear to back kiln phenomenon, at this time of the rotary kiln cylinder easier for reversal, this kind of reverse force will spread to the rotary kiln motor, by this time motor will appear power status, this will cause certain damage to commutator, affect the service life of the commutator, so in the actual configuration need to be done in accordance with the certain requirements to control. After being duly turning kiln, keep maintenance "work permit" to the maintenance jobs, primary jaw crusher, may continue for maintenance. Maintenance is finished, instant transfer maintenance "work permit" return to someone who is responsible for turning kiln, and through the acceptance and commissioning.To regulate furnaces system feed capacity, cone breaker, it is necessary to take care of two aspects, not only based on furnace condition, also should be based on the heat consumption more than half of the working condition of furnace, inductive analysis and judgment. But after differentiation furnace the feeder should change corresponding with kiln speed, rotary screen, when the kiln speed change, largely homogeneous material layer can adhere to stove, china jaw crusher, to overcome the trouble. Exhaust air discharged from the vertical preheater, through high-efficiency heat exchanger to preheat the primary air and reduce the exhaust gas temperature, the preheated primary air into the cement rotary kiln for combustion-supporting. Raw material in the kiln during exercise, the movement of raw materials is cyclical changes, and some buried material layer inside the rotary kiln machine with the upward movement, while others are attached to the material layer on the surface and then landed down, but only in the raw material particles along the surface layer of the landing, it will move forward along the direction of rotary kiln. clinker rotary kiln: