Dm Type 2 Case Study

A Case Study on a Female Client with Diabetes Mellitus Type – 2
NURS11153 (Health and Behaviour)
Term 3 – 2010
COORDINATOR: MS. Loretto Quinney
STUDENT: Jennifer Manzo, S0194234

Type 2 diabetes mellitus has become a highly prevalent threat to human beings, mainly caused by having inactive lifestyle habits and increasing obesity. With this case study the attempt is to understand how physical and emotional ignorance becomes a risk factor for developing this disease. This paper is investigating a case of a migrant Filipino lady in Australia, known as Karla, who has Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus which she acquired when she moved to Australia. The client’s lifestyle, environment, cultural constraints and the strategies to cope with this disorder have been studied to understand the role of developing and managing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
Along with the presence of diabetes in Karla’s family history, the client has been surrounded by many major risk factors for developing diabetes. Though indirectly, these risk factors such as inaccessible health services, ignorance of body over cultural norms and lack of awareness prove to be a great hindrance in coping with the disease. Troubled emotions, however, which are not given much acknowledgement, play a great role in developing and managing diabetes. Therefore, strategies which can actively reach the belief system of different cultures and spread the awareness of latest advancements to deal with the disease are required.

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Case Study 2
Personal, social and health information 2
Health perception and client health belief model 3
Impact of social influences 5
Pain management 6
Decision making criteria 6
Suggestion for health promotion activity 8
Conclusion 8
Reference 10

A recent WHO report (Diabetes Australia 2011) revealed diabetes has roughly affected 246...