Case Study


Want to Get Noticed by Potential Partners ? Do Something Impressive ,,,,,,,,
Many small firms want to partner with larger companies but find that it’s hard to get noticed. But Insitu, a small engineering firm, managed this feat. It signed a 15 month partnership with Boeing, a Fortune 500 company to c-develop its most important product. The product is the Scan Eagle, an unmanned aircraft that will be sold to the US department of Defense.
Insite was founded in 1994 to develop unmanned weather airplanes. Since that time, it has developed a specialty for building lightweight, long range, radio controlled aircraft. In n1998, one of Insitu’s products, the Aerosande, became the first unmanned aircraft to make a transatlantic flight. The Boeing noticed this development and both companies entered into agreement and the Boeing announced a new unmanned-aircraft division that included Insitu.
Working together they will develop the Scan Eagle, 33 pound plane will be able to fly 5000 miles nonstop over 3 days, doing reconnaissance, search and rescue and military missions. Insitu will also license Boeing Technology for some of other projects in which its planes are used for wildlife monitoring.
Insitu proved that one way for a small firm to get noticed by a larger potential partner is to do something impressive. There are many win-win partnerships between larger and smaller firms, in which the smaller firms stands to benefit. The first step of-course in making this happen, is to get the attention of the larger firm.
1. Given the above information, describe what you believe is Insitu’s core strategy?.
2. Does Insitu face risks with its partnership with Boeing ? if so, what are the risks, and what should the firm do to control them?.

The case deals with the partnership between two companies, one big company Boeing and a       smaller company Insitu. Insitu was founded in 1994 to develop...