Divorce Impact on Children

These days we get and have   a lot of information, some of us about many things   can talk as the experts, but   where did this information come from?   Most of us would say it came from the Internet, TV, or movie. Are we becoming alliterate society?   Alliterate - a person who is able to read but rarely chooses to do so ("Alliteracy").   I agree with Linton Weeks that "More and More Americans Who Can Read Are Choosing not to" (Weeks).
A large number of population simply does not read.   According to NDP Group "In 1991, more than half of all Americans read a half-hour or more every day.   By 1999, that had dropped to 45 percent"(Weeks).   By this statement we can see that almost half of American readers read much less these days.   According to USA Today "reading researcher Kylene Beers of Yale University says something happens to U.S. kids as they make their way through school.   Almost 100 percent first-graders are interested in reading, but later on, when they graduate, 80 percent of students say, they   won't voluntarily read another book". This great percentage of students who do not want to read shows that problem of alliterate society exists and grows.
There are many factors which people use as excuses for not reading.   As a major listed cause is time, but is it true?   "According to time studies, we have more leisure time than ever"(Weeks).   I strongly agree with Jim Trelease's statement that "if people didn't have time, the malls would be empty, cable companies would be broke, video stores would go out of business" etc. (Weeks).   It is definitely true, people these days rather would go to the movies or shopping than to the libraries or book stores.   Maybe it is priority problem?
Another cause why people choose not to read is our family, especially parents.   Nowadays, everyone is busy; so many fathers and mothers prefer sit and watch TV after long workday rather than read a book for their kids; moreover, some children probably have never seen their...