Dismissal Paper


Dismissal Meeting

HRM 530

November 17, 2013

    For managers, the best way to initiate a layoff is to be prepared.   All facts surrounding the layoff should be addressed to the employee(s) about why they were chosen over the other employees.   In order for a manager to be more effective with addressing the reasons of way the layoff and why it was necessary, the explanation should be supported with all the concrete facts.   For example, if a company has to layoff an employee(s) due to low performing, then the manager should address that and provide solid explanations as to why the choice is to let them go verses relocating a different department.

Propose three (3) that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff.

    “Since the exiting employee doesn’t hear much after you say, “Your position has been eliminated in this downsizing it’s important to prepare a letter for each exit employee in advance that clarifies what will happen next” (Dahl, 2011).   For example, I have never been laid off, but my manager informed us that our department was relocating to a different city; therefore, we had a timeframe of one year to determine what we were going to do.   I didn’t know what my next step was at this point, until my manager clarified that, we had the option of looking for another job, prepare to transfer to another department, which interviewing was part of the transfer process or be laid off.   The whole department heard the three options, as for me, my option was to return to college and get my degree and I can say that was the best choice I or anyone can make.

    When employees face layoffs, they have no clue as to what the next step is and the company, may or may not give you options to help you in the process but in my opinion, it’s imperative that the top managers are prepared for the meeting...