Using Examples, Discuss the Ways in Which Any of the Following Can Be Analysed Either in Ideological Terms of the Construction of Gender or Race

Using examples, discuss the ways in which any of the following can be analysed either in ideological terms of the construction of gender or race?
A) Children’s television
B) The crime series
C) Lifestyle
D) The situation comedy
E) Other

      The crime series genre has been noted as one of the most popular and most masculine genres on television ‘as it tends to focus on the public sphere, professional roles and the male world of work’ (MacKinnon 2003:69). This essay will discuss the role of masculinity within the crime series. It will look at Jack Bauer and Dexter specifically.

      Masculinity can be described as a sense of who you are as a man. Being masculine is a quality characterized by physical and behavioural features, emphasising your male attributes. Society today proves it is not enough to just be male you must show off your masculine aspects, like a deep voice, aggressive behaviour and strong muscles and be a ‘real man’.

      24 is a crime series which focuses on the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) in Los Angeles, which is a direct result of the 9/11 attacks in the USA. It follows the life of agent Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland) as he tries to safeguard America from numerous terrorist threats, such as nuclear bombs and assassination attempts.
Even though Jack works for the government he doesn’t feel they are doing enough to protect the public, so he continually puts himself in situations where he bends and breaks the rules of law and order to do what he thinks best in order to protect society. 24 can be compared to ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ as they both show characters which are working purely for the good of society and not for self gain. Also it is similar to ‘The Sweeney’ because this man is seen to have a very troubled home life and will bend and break the rules to protect society. The series ‘Dexter’ also shows similarities to the masculine world within 24.

      Dexter is another television crime series which is a direct reaction to...