Discuss the Training Requirements for High Level Teaching Assistant

Assignment 1
1. Discuss the training requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs).
The training requirements for HLTAs needs to meet HLTA standards and qualifications along with the relevant experience to work with the children they are being assigned to.
They should have good numeracy and literacy skills equivalent to NVQ level 2 and need to have a good understanding of learning strategies and the skills for delivering them.
A HLTA should be trained to deliver the curriculum and have the skills to develop these where necessary. They should be able to use ICT to support learning and to maintain and monitor electronic information systems.
They must be familiar with policies and procedures alongside relevant regulations and laws and be active in keeping up to date with these.
They would need a good understanding of the development stages of children and relevant curriculum to support them.
The HLTA must have good organisation and leadership skills and the ability to self- evaluate, recognising when there is a need for further training and personal development.
In addition, the HLTA would need to have good inter-personal skills, be able to work with and motivate themselves and their team.
They would need to take direction from teachers and other management personnel and be able to follow planning and deliver this to a high standard along with the teacher, and have the ability to supervise whole class and group situations.
The HLTA would also be responsible for supporting the teacher in ensuring there are relevant resources, assessments and reporting feedback. Support behaviour management, child protection and ensuring that all areas are fully inclusive in attitude and environment.