Discovery Essay

Every day, thousands of new discoveries come into existence, contributing enormously to the life of mankind. Among them, the Internet is one of the most crucial ones, which is undeniably beneficial. My writing will critically present the main advantages of it.
First of all, knowledge enrichment is what I put in my priority. It is obvious that the Internet creates chances for people acquire a huge amount of information. They are able to obtain many kinds of information such as education materials and news from many sources just by going to any searching website including Google. It is not exaggerated to say that a computer with Internet access is worth more than hundreds of libraries since almost all kinds of books are published, scanned or retyped on the Internet. Therefore, people are bound to broaden their knowledge vastly. More importantly, the Internet also brings people the opportunity to exchange their understanding and perspectives. Every one is bound to share his opinions to the world easily by posting it on a personal website or blog. There is likelihood for readers to get the new view from the poster and for the poster to review his concepts from their contributive comments. It leads to deeper apprehensions of things. With no doubt, the Internet absolutely elevates the cognition of human.
Second of all, society attachment ranks an equal place in the essence. It is apparent that the Internet encourages the maintenance of communication of people immensely. Members of family and friends who are away from each other stand a golden chance to keep in touch regularly. It is possible for them to chat, email, and update others’ information daily through many social networking sites consisting Facebook, Twitter, and more. Hence, their relationships have a tendency to be remarkably improved. More notably, not only maintain the existing ties of people, the Internet also gives rise to the new connection. A person from a specific country has the ability to make...