Simplistic Discovery Essay

Discoveries within literature allow characters to understand and learn more about themselves; however they can also lead a person to feel insecure and vulnerable as they discover a new side of their journey. Through the texts Life of Pi by Ang Lee and Invictus by William Ernest Henley, the protagonists develop a discovery of the self through emotional and geographical discoveries. The Arrival by Shaun Tan shows of the vulnerability and loneliness a geographical discovery can have on an individual and their discovery of self.

Life of Pi follows Pi Patel as he makes discoveries that lead him to understand himself. Through the storm scene the responder learns of Pi’s anger and troublesome thoughts through pathetic fallacy regarding the geographical discovery of Canada. Around 1977 Pi’s father was nervous about the current political situation speculating that Gandhi might try to take the zoo; hence the families move to Canada. The dialogue ‘don’t tempt the storm Pi’ foreshadows the disaster ahead and yet Pi does not hesitate to experience the fullness of the storm. Seen through facial expressions, the responder can see that Pi is at one with nature a connection to his Hindu religion. Only through man does Pi’s panic begin to surface as seen through the flashing red warning light. The real destruction begins to take place as the boat begins to toss in the storm, symbolising the tossing of Pi’s life. Through this scene the responder sees Pi’s emotions displayed in the storm as he discovers his anger for the loss of his life in India seen through pathetic fallacy. This helps relate the responder to an emotional and geographical discovery that Pi uncovers as he learns of his own emotions of anger and resentment for leaving India.

Lack of control and power is seen in Life of Pi in many scenes as Pi must give up his control in order for a ‘higher power’ to lead him. Pi learns that no matter the amount of control one thinks they have over a situation there may...