Movie Essay - Outsourced

Class: MGT650 Advanced Organization Behavior
Instructor: Michael Bejtlich
Student ID: 01076816
Student Name: Hsi-Yen Chen
Assignment: Movie essay – Outsourced (2006)

Todd is a fulfillment sector supervisor. Under cost-down consideration, the company decided to move the fulfillment sector to India. Todd has no choice but go to India to train a “future call center manager” to replace himself. He faced a truck of culture shock and felt home sick. How can he deal with these? And what will happen next?

In a global environment, business companies can chase lower cost of labor, lower cost of raw material, and lager potential market anywhere to make the possible biggest profits. In the movie, Todd’s boss seems cruel and unsympathetic. He would fired people without a blink from his eyebrow. The time of life-term employment is gone with the wind. The business organizations need to adjust themselves to the global competition and so do individuals. As said by Thomas Friedman, an international affairs column writer for New York Times, one of best sale book’s authors, in his lecture in MIT, “There’s no such thing as an American job anymore.” Anything which can be separated in part and sees as piecemeal work is able to be outsourced.

Todd’s first image in India is chaos and crowded. He missed his pick-up driver since they miswrote his name as “Toad” because of pronunciation. The cab drivers surrounded him to solicit customer.   At last, he got in a ricksha. After a dusty road trip, he arrived at the station. He had to run and jump, then to way through the crowd standing next to the door to catch up his train. Finally, he arrived the city he was going to work in and got in his subordinate, Puro’s car. The car jammed on the road and it is normal in India. He saw one man urinating in the street in daytime. Under Puro’s strong invitation, Todd reluctantly agreed to live in local home stay instead of the western hotel. So far, Todd has already experienced the culture shock...