Dilemmas of Life and Racism

“Dilemmas of Life and Racism”
Kena Veasley
Instructor Trillium Sara Hinton
October 7, 2013

In the short stories of “Country Lovers” and “What It’s Like to be a Black Girl” both stories embarked upon actions of racism. Both represented the life of a black female and what it is like to live in the early nineteenth century. The main focus was the black girl and how she dealt with discrimination. These two pieces of literature focus’s on the site of two black women who are of African descent. They both dealt with racism, slavery, prejudice, and inequality. In the end, these black girls proved to be strong.
In the early nineteen hundreds, interracial dating was against the law. The short story “Country Lovers” focuses on a young couple, young man Caucasian and young woman African American, who fell in love throughout their childhood years. Many felt that the laws of interracial coupling involved cruel interference of genuine and innocent affection. A bond was created and eventually broken after a child was created and mysteriously passed away.
”Country Lovers” is a story of racial love in the early nineteen hundreds that started on a South African farm. During this time, the races were not allowed to mix and mingle between one another. During the summer, a young woman by the name of Thebedi and her friend Paulus became involved with one another. Because Thebedi was African American and Paulus was white, they were forced to conceal their relationship. The couple would mingle on the farm. They would meet down by the river, and at the village. Paulus lived on the farm and Thebedi lived at the village. The river was in-between and was their meeting spot where they would spend time together. As they got older, they gained an admiration for one another. This love was purely innocent. Paulus would tell her things that went on while he was away at school and Thebedi was curious.   He would swim with the school girls at the dams and pools and would look at their hips...