Are we all racists? My sub-conscious brain asked my conscious one. Of course, the thought was immediately ridiculed, but for some reason the debate in my head continued.

‘What is your favorite color?’ My trying to prove a point brain continued. Pink, purple, and red …my not wanting to lose brain answered. Why only these colors? The questions continued. Well, they make me feel happy, young, and cute. So do you buy things in those colors like your curtains, sheets etc.? If possible, yes, I prefer it that way. Why not black or brown for your room? Ah, not for the room, doesn’t giving me a calm feeling.

As the Q&A session went through my head, I began to realize how we can choose to pass opinions on our likes and dislikes based on colors so strongly but restrain while choosing people based on their skin color. True, things don’t have feelings, but the thought can’t be discarded.

I have a friend, who once over drinks concluded that however hard he tried he just got attracted to blonde blue-eyed girls. I smiled. Didn’t matter to me, though my colleague didn’t take it in the same light and secretly cursed him for being racist. Honestly, I felt it was his personal choice; he was clear in his preferences and voiced his opinion loud. Maybe that was the mistake; it wasn’t like choosing your favorite color or curtains? Secretly, I wondered if my colleague would be attracted to people from all races. Where I come from, being fair (white skinned) is considered very highly, blame the English.

The fight against racism has been going on for centuries. Our educated minds have taught us to respect different people and cultures and have taught us the right behavior for such situations. But has that really changed within us? We don’t say it loud or discuss openly but would we all be attracted to people from all ethnicities  

Our ancestors have strongly fought for this right and we should be grateful for being now being accepted as equals in all walks of life...