Develpment Plan


Carlos M. Solis
University Of Phoenix
Roxanne Cox
Human Capital Management 531
April 30, 2009
This paper is to not only create a new performance appraisal form but to also discuss how it will be used.   The performance feedback process and the performance appraisal document will be discussed.   The feedback process and the way managers will help their employees reach a higher level of performance will also be discussed.   Some of the promotions, incentives, and educational opportunities will also be mentioned.   Finally, an adaptation to the diversity of this new sales team must be done in order to help advance their careers.

Performance and Career Management
The current merger with EnviroTech has lead to performance and career management issues.   This will mean that new performance and career management programs will need to be created.   Being able to describe the performance feedback process and the performance appraisal document that was drafted will become important.   There will also have to be a way to provided feedback to employees which will help them reach higher levels of performance.   Promotions and incentives will be mentioned in order to motivate employees.   Finally, three employees of this new sales team will be looked at so that the new performance and career programs can be adapted to the diversity of the team.
Describe the Performance Feedback Process
          Let’s begin by looking at this new performance feedback process by the three elements required which are defining performance, facilitate performance, and encourage performance (Cascio 2006, pg. 329).   Performance at InterClean will be defined by “setting performance standards, defining clear job expectations through the use of job analysis and, ultimately, creating job descriptions” (Cox 2009, slide 3).   InterClean will need to facilitate performance by “providing necessary tools and training so that each...