Developmental Stages for Children

Simao P. Alves
November 8, 2010

Child Development Stages

      The thought of a child developing is a derivative as to how we want society to turn into.   More often than not, the human psyche is taught to eat, breathe and sleep a certain way.   However, there are some qualities in which a child develops that cannot be taught but are simply inherited through human nature.   There have been several theories in which society has looked into in order to better understand why people behave a certain way.   Different theorists have developed their own analysis as to how child development can be looked.   Parents have also looked into some of these theories to help discipline their children and see past some of the behaviors society has learned to accept.   There are many theorists that can be mentioned however, there are three that have made some important milestones in society.   The theories developed by Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky and Erik Erikson, have made a great impact on society and have furthered studies on child development.
      Before explaining some of these theories, it is important to understand what the child development stages are and how they exactly function.   There is no right or wrong way in which one can develop an outline as to the child development stages.   Since there are many influences as to how a child’s development is to be created, there can be some blurriness as to such theories.   Discussing three theories in child development will certainly enlighten the idea as to how societies have developed throughout history.

Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget (B. 1896-1980) began his career as a biologist but later moved into the study of Child Development and understanding. He observed, spoke, and listened to them while they worked on exercises he set. His theories and studies have been very inspiring especially in educational theory.   He had a great insight on the role of maturation in children’s increasing capacity to understand the world that...