Developmental Needs of Children


  Children have different developmental needs during their lifetime.

However they all need to be:
    • Provided with safe and secure environment which support and promotes their development
    • They need to have their physical and mental needs met
    • They need to feel valued and have their self-esteem appropriately met
    • Parents and carers need to encourage them
    • It is very important that adults communicate with children so children can build healthy relationships and also to encourage their language development
    • Development needs to be promoted within an anti-discriminatory environment

Physical development

  At these stage children’s movements become more co-ordinated and smoother. They are able walk along a narrow line, run on toes, skip on alternate foot, catch a ball by holding hands in cup-shape, can jump a distance …

  Healthy eating patterns and lifestyle should be recognised and established at this stage.

Emotional and social development:

  Children have usually by now developed a secure self-concept based on their own inner knowledge and understanding. They express their own needs and feelings and show sensitivity to the feelings of others. Children really enjoy being with other children. Friendship with others is very important to them, they choose own friends. They are able to control their own emotions and they have an awareness and respect for their own culture, believes and of other people’s.

Cognitive and language development:

  At these stage children know about 2500 words. They use complex sentences and enjoy asking questions. They enjoy a range of books. They are confident to speak to others about what they want and what they are interested in. They listen and respond to stories and understand rules.
They notice what adults do and copy them when they are not around.

Development can be supported:
    • When learning about healthy...