Free Weights vs Fixed Weights ( Developmental Stage)

Developmental Stage


Weight training is a training technique used for developing muscle strength and endurance. Weight training will increase strength, improve appearance, help control your weight, strengthen bones, boost your energy and fitness levels and relieve stress. However there are two types of equipment more commonly used in weight training fixed weights and free weights. Free weights consist of barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells and fixed weights consist of smith machine and other fixed weight machines including leg press, shoulder press etc. the basis of my graded unit is to determine which method is more beneficial and which method is most popular. As a health a fitness student this is a topic very interesting to me and I have worked closely with the Glasgow club leisure centres in conducting my research.

Which method is more commonly used

Out of a survey of 50 people in gyms across Glasgow aged 14-50, 16 people regularly used fixed weights, 7 regularly used free weights,   26 use both and one person used none.

Although most people will use both 58% of people would regularly use fixed weights and 42% of people would regularly use free weights . Fixed weights are slightly more used this may because when most people enter a gym for the first time the most commonly prescribe method given by gym instructors   is fixed weight. When I asked 6 gym instructors from the Glasgow area why this was they all agreed that   for a beginner , fixed weights provide more stability , and have less risk factors and the machines are easier to use , however it is down to the individual how confident they may feel when using free weights, and if   client was to ask for a programme made for them , Free weights would definitely be included for progression and are very much encouraged. However when speaking to john from L.A fitness he said he would most commonly prescribe free weights as they are more challenging , more interesting and a better...