Development and Mentoring Program

Development of Training and Mentoring Program
  Now that we have a great combination of experience new sales team that are coming from both sides of the isles. There areill be addition new employees that have no or little experiences about the company product, some of the new members have never worked as a team before, team membe to learn, specific methods evaluation for each individual personalities and team work,   to learn, al, .   the,   it is also the times for us to

The objective of this memo is to address the recent successful merger with Enviro Tech and InterClean, and the newly selected sales force team. However, our success does not stop here; the new concern for the organization is the needs of training and mentoring program. This combining program will teach, and support mentoring which further influence each of our new sales force member to achieve their personal goal as well as team performance objectives. In addition, the company believes adding training and mentoring program will add a positive attitude, and knowledge that will rewarded to job satisfaction. With this in mind, the new team will use this advantage to develop   more efficient and effectiveness in their work, by participating and partnership in making well suggestions, and effort with each other, which will involve building trust, team skills, and interaction relationship skills as team in their new roles. Therefore, the organization has decided that as a part of completing this transition, it is vital to implemented the training and mentoring program as soon as possible, as we all agreed that ( Cascio, 2006, 288) “Organizations that provide superior opportunities for learning and growth have a distinct advantage when competing for talented employees”.
The following outline introduces the Training and Mentoring Program:
  * New Training and Mentoring needs
  * Identifying Objectives and standards
  * Next, method of delivery
  * Evaluation methods
  * Feedback, and last,...