Assig 1

In the continuous changing and developing world of business it is of high priority for the companies to re-structure them with the latest techniques and systems of information technology. Such companies have proved themselves and showed up the remarkable improvement in their business .In the other words, this whole procedure involves the “collection, storage, processing and communication of information by electronic means” and this evolving phenomenon in business is called “e-business system.”

Definition of e-business:
e-business (electronic business) is, in its simplest form,” the conduct of business on the Internet. It is a more generic term than e-Commerce because it refers to not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners.”
E-Business requirements for Xtra:
For a company like Xtra it is essential to upgrade itself with the potential e-business system to extend and expand globally, builds the reputation, and gains the trust of the vendors and to generate financially. To achieve all these targets and to set the e-business system running smoothly and effectively company required:

.       Purchasing of hardware according to the requirements and budget of
          Xtra   (server, clients, networking equipments, printer etc.)
·        Installation of hardware
·        Software development
·        Software installation
·         Testing of software
·         Training and development of staff
·         Monitoring and evaluation
·         Maintenance of software and system

Developing A Web Site:
At Xtra when we talk about re-structuring the system to improve the financial aspect then Web developing is MUST to set up, to see the world closely and peak into the ‘Virtual business’ and called as a Virtual company.
The aims of developing the Web Sites are:
Create interest – the aim is to attract interest (to provide a ‘hook’) that will generates visits and sales.
Design – the design...