Determining Your Perfect Position

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Determining My Perfect Position July 13, 2009 LDR 531 – Organizational Leadership Prof. Aileen Smith



Introduction The company that I am working for is not only experiencing rapid expansion, but is also going through an organizational restructure. I have been offered the unique position of determining the leadership role or position that will best suit me. In order to do so effectively, I will look at (a) the strengths and weaknesses of my personal leadership style, (b) the comparisons and contrasts of leadership theories in order to determine one that is most relevant to me, (c) create and explain my personal leadership style model, and (d) describe the role or position within my company that I feel is best suited my leadership style. Strengths and Weaknesses of My Leadership Style Completion of several self-assessments has given me some additional insight into numerous factors (including but not limited to my leadership style, level of charisma and my trust in others). One strength that I am able to produce ‘on demand’ is my level of charisma. I am naturally very outgoing, very dramatic and very socially aware. I enjoy talking to people (including large groups) and always look for ways to keep the attention of my audience. Having the assessment confirm my charismatic personality was definitely no surprise. What was surprising, was the discovery that this assessment placed me in a category somewhere in the middle of the task- and relationship-oriented leadership style (something only “16% of respondents” fall into) with the same score on each style (Robbins and Judge, 2007). However, I believe that I am slightly more task-oriented which means that at times I place more focus or emphasis on completing a task or meeting a deadline than I do on developing relationships. This is not always a negative



characteristic, but one that I have to be aware of in order to maintain a healthy...