Determining a Perfect Position

Determining the Perfect Position

The University of Phoenix has decided to expand its operations and has asked me to determine the perfect position.   In this paper I will discuss those attributes that will make me successful in the position I have chosen.   I have determined based on my leadership style and traits that the best fit would be that of Director of Enrollment.   As a valued and longtime employee I have been given this opportunity based on my productivity and loyalty to the organization.   The company believes that I possess the leadership skills necessary to help the organization meet its mission and strategic plans.   Based on the recent assessments taken I believe that my leadership style will be an asset and allow me to be a highly productive leader within the organization.   I have used a protean approach to my career approach over the years that has prepared me for this opportunity.   The leadership style and values that I will bring to the position one of participative and relationship based.   The assessments that I have taken has allowed me to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style.   The comparisons of the different leadership theories has given me a better understanding of my leadership approach as it relates to the ideal position for my personal values and leadership style.
The position I have chosen is one of Regional Director of Enrollment.   Based on the assessments taken I have determined that my leadership style is one of participative and relationship based.   These two styles work best for my personality and values.   I am more of a people-oriented leader who seeks to include others in the process and values their input, especially when dealing with task-oriented projects.   I also believe that it is important for a person to be good, rather than simply do good.   I believe in openness and commitment to ethical communication.   I have worked best in organizations characterized by...